Realtime Closed Captioning Services


Specialists in Realtime Closed Captioning, CART, Convention Reporting

Welcome to AmeriCaption where high quality realtime closed captioning and your complete satisfaction are our top priorities.

AmeriCaption is a small business that provides exemplary realtime closed captioning and convention reporting services. We have over 20 years of experience in the realtime closed captioning industry and 40 years in convention reporting.

AmeriCaption has set the standard high for realtime captioning accuracy, and our clients can testify to our attention to detail and customer service. AmeriCaption and its clients recognize the importance of complete and readable captions. Our captioning provides real accessibility and will meet or exceed any future FCC quality mandates.

AmeriCaption is different from the large captioning companies. We judge our success not by the number of clients we have but by the enthusiasm our clients and their viewers express when the credits roll.



AmeriCaption provided continuous realtime closed captioning of over 60 hours of live wall-to-wall coverage of Hurricane Frances for Tampa's NBC
station, WFLA.